This error is usually caused by not allowing cookies in your browser, although it can also be caused by not having the correct user access for the page you are trying to visit.

Most browsers have the option of either accepting all cookies, showing an alert before accepting a cookie, or not accepting cookies at all. Below are the setting instructions for Safari from your Mac. When making these adjustments, be sure to confirm any changes you make by clicking OK

  1. Open Settings in your device
  2. Under Safari Cookie Settings: Select the Safari | Preferences.
  3. Click Security.
  4. Next to Accept Cookies, select either Always or Only from sites you navigate to. 

If your Cookie settings were already enabled, clearing your Cache and Cookies may resolve the issue. To clear your Cache and Cookies:  

  1. Select the Safari menu.
  2. Select Empty Cache and when prompted, click Empty Select the Safari | Preferences
  3. Select the Security Tab.
  4. Click Show Cookies
  5. Click the Remove All button to remove all cookies. 

To make change these settings in your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose Safari
  3. Choose Accept cookies
  4. Choose From visited or Always

If you need to clear your cookies, choose Clear Cookies and Data

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