Duplicate lines in your Online Payment Deposit report is caused by clicking the report link more than once. Please do not double click the link for this report.

The simplest solution for having duplicate lines in export data or a report is only to use the Primary phone and email address fields in your report. If a person's profile contains 2 or more email addresses or phone numbers with the same designation, such as "personal" or "work", the search will show those as duplicate lines. This can be resolved by going to the person's profile and editing their contact information.

To correct the problem, go to their profile and edit the phone or email designations so there are no duplicates.

Note: Using only the Primary Email and Primary Phone in your searches will only give you one record since there can only be one of these checked as primary. However, other fields might cause duplicates it there are multiple options listed. If you find a duplicate row, open the person profiles to see what is causing the duplicate.