Like most text editors, our editor uses Enter to add a paragraph break (double space). To single space, use Shift+Enter. This is also true with Word. If you have created a document in Word and plan to copy it into Ministry Sync, make sure you use Shift+Enter for a line break (single space) and Enter for a paragraph break (double space). This video has more information for line spacing in Word. 

Additionally, some templates, like the Invitation email, have tables to create columns. These columns may affect alignment and spacing. You can delete columns by clicking into the column and then clicking the Column option in the toolbar. Please contact Support if you need help customizing your templates.

Here is an overview of the tools in our new text editor:

  1. Paragraph - choose header styles here. In AttendEasy, these correspond to the header styles in the them you chose in Design.
  2. A - Font family. Your overall font styles are chosen in Design, but you can change individual fonts here.
  3. T - Text or font size.
  4. B, I, U - Bold, italic, and underline.
  5. Drop - color. You have choices for both the color of your text and the color of the background behind the individual characters.
  6. Align - You can choose align left, align right, align center, and align justify.
  7. Bulleted list
  8. Ordered list
  9. Horizontal line
  10. Table - Tables are handy to use when you need to add information in columns and rows. It's also handy for deleting columns or rows that are in your templates--like removing buttons on templates.
  11. Link - add a hyperlink to words to text
  12. Image- Upload an image. Once uploaded, there is a list of more options. Just click the link to access the menu and click off the image to close the menu.
    1. Replace - removes the image
    2. Align
    3. Delete
    4. Add a link
    5. Display - Inline wraps the text around the image. Break text puts the words above or below the image
    6. Style - this changes the shapes of the images. This may not show on all your templates when they pulled in by variables.
    7. Alternate text - what people will see if the image doesn't show on the browser or email
    8. Change size - edit the size of the image. Remember that images that will appear in email templates, including ones added in event details, should be no wider than 490px.
  13. Video - (not on email templates) We don't host your video, but you can add a link to your video that you have hosted on another site. You can also add the embed code.  Note: Videos on email templates, even those added through event description variables, will not appear on email templates. You can add a screenshot of the video to the template and then link the image to the hosted video.
  14. Upload file - this is how you can upload a .PDF for someone to download more information.
  15. HTML - if you are familiar with HTML code, you can enter or edit it here.

Invitation looks too small

If you have uploaded your banner and it looks fine in most of the templates, but not in one or more email templates, the problem is most likely something you've added to the body of the template or to the Event or Speaker Descriptions. 

The width of the email templates is less than the width of the other pages, so images or tables that show in the these templates need to be no wider than 490 pixels. If they are too wide, they will force the body of the template to be wider than the email header, making the header look too small.

If the image is in your Event Details, you will need to adjust the size there. Otherwise, change the size of the image in the email. To change the image size, simply click the image and then click the last icon to change the size. Make sure it's 490px or less.