When someone else needs to use your computer to log in to Ministry Sync or FundEasy, or when you want to see if there is a problem with your browser before you clear your cache, use a private window. With Incognito and other private browsing tools you can be logged into the same site with multiple usernames at the same time without confusing the browser or your usernames and passwords.

All the popular browsers now have this feature.

  • In Chrome it is called Incognito and it can be found in the File menu or you can click Ctrl + Shift + N (Cmd + Shift + N on Mac).
  • In Firefox it is Private Browsing. Open the window from file or by using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P (Cmd + Shift + P on Mac).
  • In IE it's InPrivate Window. Open a new one from Safety or by using Ctrl + Shift + P (Cmd + Shift + P on Mac).
  • In Safari, click the Safari menu to open a new Private Browsing window.