Use Send Email to send your hosts the link to their host manager.

  1. After selecting your event, click "Send Email".
  2. Select "All Group Hosts" in the "To" pulldown or choose the hosts you'd like to Send an email from Selected Registrants.
  3. Write a subject.
  4. Write your email. When you get to the part of your email where you would like the button "Manage My Table", select the %HostManagerAccessButton% variable from the % menu.

Resend the Host Manager Email

A host needs the Host email to access his Guest List Manager. You can resend this email to a Host if he asks for it. You can also resend this email to one or more hosts at the same time.

  1. Click Grouped Members or the name of the group the person is in
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the What Would You Like to Do? pulldown
  3. Select Send Host Email in the What would you like to do? dropdown
  4. Select the people you wish to send and email
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page again and click Go

Resend the Host Information Email to every Table Host 

There are times, that you may want to resend the "Host Information Email" to all your hosts. There is a quick way to do this, without selecting all the checkboxes manually.

  1. Click on "All Members" in the viewing options column.
  2. Under "What would you like to do", click "Check All Hosts".
  3. Under "What would you like to do", click "Send Host Email". The system will automatically uncheck the people who are not hosts and then ask you to confirm.
  4. (optional step) If you want to edit the host selections, click "Cancel" when it asks you to confirm, modify your selections, then repeat step 3 above.