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You can easily register people--participants, liaisons, and sponsors--into your FundEasy event from the admin page we call the Column Browser. Simply click on the Register pulldown in the right corner of the dark blue menu bar and choose the option that you wish to add:

Participant (like walker, runner--the term you use in your event will appear here) will bring up the admin version of your registration page. This is the same page that the participant will see, minus the graphics. 

  1. Since you have an admin version of the registration form, we don't recommend that you register people to your event from the Event Web page, however we know that people do. You'll find information on how to register someone from the public pages on the FundEasy Knowledge Base.
  2. Speed up your registration using Express Person Lookup
    • Fill in the First Name and/or Last Name in the Express Person Lookup box and click Lookup. Note: The system will look for exact matches, so we suggest first trying just the last name if you know how to spell it correctly. If you try Bob Anderson, but the person was registered under Robert Anderson, he will not show up. If you are unsure of the spelling, you can also type in a partial name such as "Anders".
    • Using the popup search window, click on the name of the person you wish to use to autofill the form.
    • When a lookup is selected, the registration form is automatically filled in with the data that already exists in Ministry Sync for that person. Once the information is filled in, you can make changes as needed. Any changes will update the profile.
  3. If you don't use Express Person Lookup, the duplicate checker page might appear when you submit the registration form. If you find the same person click the Same Person button to update the existing profile in your database with this registration information. If you don't find a match, click Complete Registration.
    NOTE: If you're the contact person and you are registering to the event with your personal information,  do NOT choose the profile in the duplicate checker that shows your event contact information. Otherwise your personal information will show in all your templates.
  4. If you entered an email address when registering, your participant will receive a confirmation email that will take them to their page to create their login or log-in with an existing username and password.

Liaison (if used in your event) is the admin version of the Liaison form.

  1. The liaison form does not have an Express Person Lookup, however once you register the person as a liaison, you can then register them as a walker and this will connect their profiles.
  2. By default, liaisons cannot register themselves to your event, but you can change this setting in FundEasy Preferences
  3. Liaisons should not be confused with teams. Liaisons help you identify who the contact person is at churches or other organizations, but they do not appear on FundEasy pages as a liaison.
  1. The sponsor form includes options that may not be available to the general public, such as pledge and cash. We recommend that you not use the public form to record sponsorships since not all payment options are commonly available.
  2. If you'd like the contact fields on this form not to be required, you'll need to turn that off in FundEasy Preferences. That's in Page Options > Sponsor Options > Require address fields for Cash or Checks.
  3. If you are logged into FundEasy on this browser with a different username, it may cause a problem with the Sponsor page loading. Try logging out of FundEasy.
  4. Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off for Pop-up blockers, password keychains, and some browser extensions may prevent this page from showing. You may need to disable these to record payments. More information is available here.

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Updated 10/13/16