If a participant is trying to log into their page and getting a message they don't have an active page, they are most likely logging in with the wrong username. Faulty memories, typos, and using past usernames are the most frequent reasons for not being able to log in. Fortunately recovering a forgotten username can be done directly from the participant's FundEasy page, and admins can verify usernames from the column browser.

From the Column Browser:

  1. Click the person's name on the top of the page
  2. Change the pulldown in the middle of the page to Show Walker's below
  3. Click their name on the bottom of the page. This opens the person profile popup
  4. Scroll to the FundEasy Login & Password Reset section.

*NOTE: if the profile says there is no FundEasy username associated with this person, please have the participant check their email for their confirmation email to create their username and password or you can resend their confirmation email. 

If their profile indicates that they have used their Facebook login, make sure they click the "Log in with Facebook" button and use their Facebook log in credentials.

To recover a username and password from the FundEasy page, follow these simple steps:

First click on the log in link in the upper right hand corner of your FundEasy page. If it says you are logged in but you don't see the yellow buttons to edit your page, click "Log Out."

Next enter your email address in the username box.

An email will be sent to you with all the usernames that are associated with that email address. You may find that you've logged into this page with the wrong user name. We suggest using the same username every time you set up a FundEasy page for yourself.

Enter your User Name in the box.

A link to reset your password will be sent to the email address attached to that user name.