1. Why isn’t my preview opening? Label previews usually open as pop-ups, so make sure that popups are allowed on Ministry Sync
  2. Why are there are only 2 pages of name tags? Previews are only two pages long. Create Labels contains all your name tags.
  3. My labels start off ok, but they start running off the page. Make sure page handling/scaling is set to 100%, Print Actual Size, or Scaling None. Don’t use Print to Fit.
  4. What other settings should I check? Turn off headers and footers in your printer, and make sure that you allow background colors and images.
  5. How can I create blank name tags? From the name tag editor, click the lightbulb icons to hide the rows you don’t want to show, then print a preview batch for 2 pages of blank name tags.
  6. What software do you recommend for printing name tags and labels? We recommend downloading your labels and printing them from Adobe Reader.

Updated 1/30/18