Where do I get the apps for Live Attendance?

You'll find the apps in Apple store. Live Attendance is only available for iOS devices. 

Can I use the iPad for the Hub for check-in?

No. The Hub is the server for your event and cannot be used as a device for check-in. 

Can I practice Live Attendance before my event?

Yes, this article shows you how. How to Practice Live Attendance 

We practiced Live Attendance, but now I can't get back into my event.

  • If after practicing Live Attendance you see the lock out screen, try refreshing your page. 
  • Open the Hub and make sure that you've completed all the steps to Erase and Reset the Hub. 
  • You must be connected to the Internet, not the Offline Wireless Network to erase and reset your Hub. Make sure that you stay connected to the Internet while you erase and reset the hub. In rare cases when there may be a weak internet connection, you may need to log in again and repeat all the steps.