What are the differences between liaisons and teams? 

  1. Liaisons are an information-only option. They don't have any functionality outside the Column Browser and reports. This is an easy way for you to track church participation in your event
  2. Once liaisons are registered, they will populate the Church Liaison list on the registration form
  3. Walkers can select their Liaison from the registration form or admins can assign walkers to a liaison in the Column Browser
  4. There is a report for Liaisons in Easy Reports
  5. Teams have a little more functionality. Unlike Liaisons, Teams show on the FundEasy pages and on the Team leaderboard
  6. When someone creates a team from the Registration form, they are made the captain of the team
  7. Teams can also be created and joined from the team tab on FundEasy pages
  8. Teams have their own report in Easy Reports
  9. Teams don't show on the Column Browser. Instead they show in the Team Manager in the left column. The Team Manager works like the Group Manager in AttendEasy.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Liaisons are for your use, while the Teams are visible to the public. Some things to consider:

  1. Do you want to have teams showing on the FundEasy pages and leaderboard? If you don't, you can turn off the teams and just use the liaison option
  2. If you want teams showing on the page and if only your Liaisons are the Team Captains, you may not need to use the liaison option at all. Instead use the team tools
  3. If you will have teams that are not led by your Liaisons, may want to have both options. In that case, you'll probably want to register your liaisons yourself. When they register later as a walker, they can create their team and become the captain.