Step One - Event Details

Log into your account and click Registration Manager and the name of your event. If your Merchant Application hasn't been approved yet, you'll be unable to access your event until it is linked.

If this is the first time you've been in this FundEasy event, you'll be asked to complete the Event Details. The information you add here will show on all your webpages and emails, so to move forward, you'll need to complete this form. You can always get back to this section from the Event Information link in the left column.

The General Inquiries person's name, email address and phone no. are your event contact information. To edit that information, click this person's name in Event Details to open their profile.

More information on Event Details

Step Two - FundEasy Preferences

Add your banner in FundEasy Preferences. There is a link next to Edit Details in Event Information. There is also a link in Template Setup.

Design - Upload your banner in the Design tab and choose a FundEasy Skin that coordinates with your banner. If you don't have a banner, you can order a custom banner from here. You can also upload a smaller version of your banner that will show when your event is posted on Facebook.

Page Options - Choose options for your FundEasy pages, including options on your Event Web Page, enabling teams, and media and sponsor tab options on participant pages.

Donation & Payment - Customize Beneficiary Information on FundEasy pages, choose payment methods for the Sponsors, customize the wording on receipts.

More information on FundEasy Preferences

Step Three - Preview Templates

Now that you have your details and banner in, let's take a look at your template previews to make sure everything looks great. Click Template Setup to get to the template list. The preview links are the grey squares with arrows. You can also click the name of the template and then click the Preview link. Remember, the details in your templates need to be edited from Event Information > Event Details. 

Registration Form - The Registration Form has 2 views. When you're logged into Ministry Sync, you're able to register yourself or others and connect them to your log in. If you're not logged in, you'll be able to log in or create your log in.

Important! Contact Support to have any payment options added to your registration form before you make changes to the form. It's quicker to have most customizations added before you've made changes. We may even be able to copy in a form from the past, but we need to do that before you've registered anyone.

More information on Previewing Templates

Step Four - Promote Your Event

  • Open your event by clicking the dot next to the name of your event. When it's green your event is open. More
  • Post the link to your event on your website. You'll find the link in the white box in Event Details. More
  • Use the Facebook and Twitter buttons in Event Details to share your event on social media. More
  • Send invitations to your supporters using the Invite tool. More


Updated 7/29/16