Posting your FundEasy page link on Facebook, using the Facebook Share button, and posting updates are great ways to get your friends and supporters involved in your cause. Here are some tips to make sure that your posts look their best. 

  1. Use square images for your logos. Facebook usually crops pictures to a square, If you use a square image, you'll generally be happier with the results. We recommend using a logo image no smaller than 250 pixels X 250 pixels.
  2. Facebook may use images you add in your Event Details with a 1.91:1 ratio or that are 470px wide. AttendEasy Banners that are 800 X 420px will look great in your timeline.
  3. Use Facebook's debugger tool to refresh your Facebook cache after you make changes like uploading pictures and editing the name or title of the page. Facebook's cache does clear after a day or two, but the debugger tool updates your cache right away.