From the Registration Details screen, click on a person’s name to access the Person Profile page. The Profile Notes section of a Person Profile consists of notes that have been added and edited by various users.

Profile Notes are an efficient way to post additional data about a person in your database. All other users from your ministry can see this information, so it will ensure that everyone involved is operating with the same knowledge and course of action. Furthermore, Profile Notes can be assigned to specific users, and they can receive emailed reminder notices. Profile Notes can even be added to your calendar, which means that your Ministry Sync To Do List can be easily coordinated with your other daily tasks!

When you change information in this section, it will update this person’s account to all events he is registered.

How to add a profile note

  1. Click the New Note icon to the far right in the dark blue bar (the white paper with yellow border icon). Note: if there are no existing notes yet, click [ Add a Note ]
  2. Fill in the following information:
    Item Description
    Date / Time The date and time of the note are both automatically entered for you; you can adjust them by clicking on the date and using the calendar, or clicking on the time and selecting the appropriate entry.
    Priority The default is Normal; you can also select High or Low (special icons will be displayed for High or Low priorities).
    Note Enter the text of the note (press the Enter key to create a line break.
    Category Only one category, General, initially exists (see below for information on how to create new categories).
    Set Followup? See below for more information on setting followup.
    Save Click Save to save your note.
    Delete Click the Delete Note icon to delete the note.

Editing a Note

  1. Click the Edit Note icon to the right of the note.
  2. Modify any part of the note as needed.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a note

  1. Click the Delete Note icon to the right of the note.
  2. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the note; click OK.

Setting followup

You can create followup details for a note, which means that you (or another user within your ministry) can receive an email message as a reminder!

When you click the "Set Followup?" checkbox while editing a note, these items will be displayed:

Item Description
Set Followup? Click this checkbox to display these followup-related items. If you click again to de-select the checkbox, these items will not be visible, and no followup settings will be in effect for the note.
Date/ Time The Date and Time default to the current date and time, but these should be set to the date and time that the followup is due.
Person The followup person defaults to your own name. This selection box contains a listing of all Ministry Sync users for your ministry. Set this to the person who is responsible for following up with the necessary actions.
Set Alarm? If you would like to be reminded via email about this followup, select this checkbox.
Alarm time If you choose to "Set Alarm?", choose how far in advance you would like to be reminded (from 5 minutes to 15 days before).

Adding a note to your calendar

Note that the date and time of the followup is now a link that you can click on; clicking the link will allow you to add this note to your calendar.

  1. Click the date/time link.
  2. Click on the calendar program of your choice, and enter in a title for the reminder.
  3. Click Go.

Creating a new category

Notes can be created in different categories. The listing of notes can be filtered to show one specific category at a time.

  1. Click the Add Category icon "plus" sign
  2. You can type in a new category name where a blank text area appears.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a category

  1. Click the Delete Category icon "minus" sign
  2. Select the category to be deleted, and the category to replace it with. For example, we can delete the "Phone Calls" category and replace it with the "General" category. Any note that was in the "Phone Calls" category will now be labelled "General." Notes will not be deleted if their category is deleted.

    Note: only categories that you created can be deleted (the "General" category cannot be deleted).

  3. Click Go.