Some participants ask for a list of the people who sponsored them from the previous year. Since the old participant pages are offline you'll need to rely on some reporting tools.

  • Participant Pledge Sheets - even though the page is gone, you can still access these reports from the Column Browser or from Easy Reports. You can print them and snail mail them to your participants, or if your browser can print files as a .pdf, you can create individual .pdf's that you can email to each of your participants. Chrome and Safari have built in .pdf options in the print screen. Firefox has an extension available.
  • Print Data - from the column browser you can use the Print Data button to create a .pdf screenshot of the page. Simply click on the participant at the top of the page, then click Print Data to create a .pdf that you can email to your participants.

Right now we don't have an easy way to email these as a group, but if a walker asks for this information, you do have a way to provide it.