There is no "sent email" folder in Ministry Sync. However, you can use Search/Reports or Export Data to generate a list of active or inactive emails for your registrants.

From either Search/Reports > Add Remove Columns or Export Data > Select Fields to Export :

  • Scroll to the email fields in Personal Information
  • You'll find the available email fields. These pertain to the Primary Email Address only.
  • Tip: In Search/Reports, you can use search filters to remove the people who do not have an email address from your report. Or filter on Email Active is unchecked or (NO) to see those who are not getting email.

To find out if a specific email address is active, check the individual profile:

  1. Find the registrant in your event
  2. Click their name to open their profile
  3. If the email address is red, there is something wrong with the email address.
  4. Common reasons for an email to not be delivered include typos, old email addresses, a full mailbox, the email is unsubscribed, or email from Ministry Sync is blocked by an email server.
  5. If you know the email address to be valid, reset the email address by clicking the edit icon and re-saving the email address. This will not reset an unsubscribed email.

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Updated 7/15/16