Ministry Sync admins, hosts, and the general public all use the same invitation email template, so we use special codes called variables to automatically pull in the name of the person who is sending the invitation. We also use this to track who sent the invitation email in Invited Members and in the Guest List Managers.

  • The reply-to field uses the name and email address of the user logged into Ministry Sync who sent the email. To change these, remove the %HostName% and %HostEmailAddress% variables and add the name and email address you wish to use.

    Important: Don't forget to change these back or all your hosts' emails will have this reply-to name and address.

  • The From Name shows the sender's name at, because they are coming from our server. If you would like this to show your own domain, you'll need to add an SPF record to your domain. This gives us permission to send mail on your behalf. Contact Support to get the code to add to your domain.

To edit the Invitation template, click Template Setup > Invitation Email. Again, remember to put the variables back when you're finished so your hosts will be able to use the same templates for their invitations.

Updated 7/22/16