Banners for AttendEasy events must be at least 800 pixels wide. We suggest using graphics that are 800 X 420 pixels because they look best on Facebook. In the past we recommended 800 X 250 pixels if Facebook is not a consideration.

Banners for FundEasyBanner graphics must be 2056 X 514 px. (The banner is really going to be displayed at 1,028 x 257 on the page, but it’s double the resolution for Retina screens.) 

You can also add an image to be used on your Facebook posts. The Facebook banner needs to be 470 x 246 px.

*Note: If your banner has a black background after you upload it, you have uploaded an image with a transparent background. Banners and other images in Ministry Sync need to have a background with a color.An image that has a transparent background around it allows the background of the Web page to show without having a square or a rectangle area of white (or another color) surrounding the image. There isn't a background on the page where your banner is uploaded. That's why it looks black.

To easily fix this without Photoshop or other image editing software, try LunaPic.

  1. Go to and upload your image
  2. Click File
  3. Click Save
  4. Choose .jpg from the list of formats
  5. Save the file to your computer
  6. Now you can upload the file into Ministry Sync.

Updated 8/29/16