Event Sponsors are added from the lower part of the Event Details or the Event Information Page. Once you've added the logos and URLS, you may need to add the variable so that they will show in your templates. Event Sponsors show automatically on FundEasy pages. Click here to see how to add them to your templates.

The example below is an AttendEasy Event Web Page.

  1. From your Event Details or Event Information screen, scroll down the page and click Add Event Sponsor.
  2. Complete the form and upload their logo.

Add the logos to your pages, follow these additional steps.

  1. Many pages have this variable added by default. If your sponsors are not showing, click on the template where you want the variable to show up. We usually put this one on the bottom of your pages.
  2. Find the %EventSponsors% variable in the list and then click it. 
  3. The variable will show up where you want it.
  4. Save your changes and preview

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